Discussion includes: Ethan Zuckerman (Moderator) Co-founder of Global Voices Online; Senior Researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and Visiting Scientist at the Center for Future Civic Media Clay Shirky Writer, consultant, and Associate Professor at NYU in the Interactive Telecommunications Program Zeynep Tufekci Writer, journalist, and Assistant Professor at University of Maryland Baltimore County exploring how technology and society co-evolve Sami ben Gharbia Tunisian human rights activist and director of Global Voices Advocacy

Lev Manovich’s ideas were influential for my PhD dissertation work… and it’s very nice to find out he talks here about comics too. Thanks to Ernesto Priani for the reference. 

"Each picture was like a concentrated exhalation of breath." Video portrait of comic book artist Jon J. Muth as he worked on "The Stonecutter." 

Video by Jamie Tolagson. (I wonder if it’s the same Jamie Tolagson?)

WFMU - Where Records Go to Live! cc @autopsiesgroup @UCLDH #vinyl #DH #libraries #media 

I found this documentary via Wire magazine (the latest issue comes with a feature on Alan Moore). 

YouTube link: GOLDMINE presents: WFMU - Where Records Go To LIVE! (via GoldmineMagVideo)

Click on the link above to see the video. 

Luis von Ahn on Human Computation

Although computers have advanced dramatically over the last 50 years, they still do not possess the basic conceptual intelligence that most humans take for granted. By leveraging human skills and abilities in a novel way we can solve large-scale computational problems and collect training data to teach computers many basic human talents. Professor Luis von Ahn — of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University — discusses how human brains can act as processors in a distributed system, each performing a small part of a massive computation.