Are we ready for life without books? The seminar will pool contributions from book publishers, designers and multimedia storytellers.

Ffrom 17th-25th September 2011 at University College London. 

It is not sufficient to have the whole world at one’s disposal - the very infinitude of possibilities cancels out possibilities, as it were, until limitations are discovered.
Roger Sessions, “Problems and Issues Facing the Composer Today”, Problems of Modern Music, Pit Lang (ed), New York: Norton (1962:31). As quoted by Nelson Goodman, Languages of Art, Indianapolis: Hackett (1976:127).

"Each picture was like a concentrated exhalation of breath." Video portrait of comic book artist Jon J. Muth as he worked on "The Stonecutter." 

Video by Jamie Tolagson. (I wonder if it’s the same Jamie Tolagson?)